The Practically Indestructible Military Gloves That Special Forces Are Using Have Finally Been Made Public…

20/09/2023 | by Julian Lehman

SUMMARY: A set of Tactical Gloves that have previously been the sole privilege of military special forces are now available to the public for the first time. Do they live up to the hype? Well, they already sold 200,000 pairs and that number is only going up by the day. So spoiler alert, they do.  You can now get Your Master Gloves 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Are you tired of one-size-fits all gloves that don’t actually fit? Do you work in a physical job and are tired of switching gloves every two months due to wear and tear? Do you just want to punch the wall in anger without having to suffer the consequences of your knuckle exploding in pain? Well then you’re in luck, because these military grade gloves are finally available to solve your problems.

Picture it. You’re out in your yard. You’re hydrated. You have your gloves on. You’re ready to do some work. Those planks you should have moved months ago won’t moves themselves. So you get to work. One plank. Two planks. And then you feel it. A sharp stabbing pain. One of the planks had a nail in it and it pierced right through your glove. And to top it all off, a splinter also made its way through and is adding to the pain and frustration.

And you just got these gloves too! Especially for this task! We can make vests that stop bullets flying at the speed of sound, but we can’t make gloves that can resist a tiny splinter of wood?! Well actually… we can. You just couldn’t get them until now.


What Are We Talking About?

They call them the Master Gloves. No need for bombastic names, just a simple description. A mainstay of armed forces around the world, but their exact design was a closely guarded secret, until now.

Made of the toughest possible materials, like specially designed leather and Kevlar, but without restricting natural movement, it’s easy to see why the military valued them so much. They are literally built to survive a warzone, but now their design has finally been released to the public for use on the home front.

Are they really that good though? They claim to be indestructible. Well we put them to the test…

Nearly indestructible?

See, in theory we could make gloves out of solid steel and your hand would be perfectly protected, but then you wouldn’t be able to use your hand. The problem with glove design is to find a balance point of protection, flexibility and freedom of movement. 
And this is where the design of the Master Gloves comes in. For years the exact way of making them was a military industry secret, but now that it’s out, we can all marvel at their strength and beauty.
These are but a taste of what the Master Gloves are capable of:
Super Durable – Made of top notch microfiber, sown with double thread, leather and Kevlar. Near indestructible.
Anti Slip – special PU layer on the palm give excellent friction and grip.
Water resistant
Remarkably lightweight
Does not compromise natural hand and finger movement.
Works with touch screens! 
Comes in several sizes for different hand types.
We threw everything our office could offer. Staplers, box cutters, kitchen knives, plaster walls, everything, at the Master Gloves and our test subject couldn’t even feel if we were doing anything. Not a damn scratch. On the gloves. The plaster wall was a different matter. 

How Much do the Master Gloves Cost?

Ok, these gloves look amazing, you say. I too want to be a superhero, you say. But how much would it cost me? Do I need to be Bruce Wayne to afford them? Well no, no you don’t need to be a billionaire philanthropist. The Master Gloves normally cost a mere 98 €. More than a fair price for gloves that would quite literally stand the test of time. But the company behind the Master Gloves wants to make as much noise as possible, and their launch sale come with a massive 50% discount and free international shipping! You can now get your pair of Master Gloves for just 49 €.
The Master Gloves are a marvel of engineering and we can see why they wanted to keep them a secret for as long as they could. If you want to feel like Batman, or just are really tired of cheap gloves that don’t last and you can barely hold a stick with, you’d want to get yourself a pair of Master Gloves. Get them while they’re still on sale!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the Master Gloves:

“Building decks and stairs for people’s pleasure and comfort is back breaking work. But it’s also hand breaking work. I literally had to have two surgeries because of the terrible quality of gloves we used to use. As soon as I saw the ad for these I just had to get them. Now I can punch a hole in that fresh new deck I just built you. I won’t. But I could.”

“Some bikers can have a pair of gloves that lasts them a decade. I’m not one of them. I’m rough with them, and every pair I got wore down in less than three months. These new ones though, oh boy. I’ve already put them through my toughest tests and they’re like nothing I’ve ever had”

“I’m former military and I remember how much I loved these. It’s a crime that they didn’t let us get a pair of these for our home use back in the day but I guess it’s finally time for a change. The feeling of wearing them is impossible to describe. You feel like a superhero.”


Conclusion: Should You Get the Master Gloves?

Do you not want to feel like a superhero?! Yes. 100%. The Master Gloves are by far the toughest and most advanced gloves ever made and you finally don’t need to enlist in any army to enjoy the power they bring. With the extra sale on top of it we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t tell you to go get them right now before the sale or stock runs out!


  • Doesn’t restrict natural finger movement
  • Kevlar kunckles for extra protection
  • Full finger protective design
  • Weather resistant
  • Touch Screen Support


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon


How Do I Get the Master Gloves?

Now that you know you can have a true indestructible iron fist, you must be really itching to get a pair, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering original Master Gloves from the official website here.
  2. Put them on, feel the power, punch some walls, replace some tires and break some windows (but not illegally).

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